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Warrenton Dentist 5“I wanted to improve and maintain my teeth, both for appearance and for health reasons. I was unhappy with my previous dentist, and I had heard that Dr. Harre and his team provided great dental care. Now, I don’t mind going to the dentist, and my teeth are in great shape! Dr. Harre and his team are excellent. They’re friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Dr. Harre takes time to explain what is going on, and you can tell he really cares about his patients. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment!”

– Margaret Whitley



Warrenton Dentist 7“I used to be very self-conscious about my smile; I had an ugly gap in my front teeth and discoloration. Once I began experiencing tooth pain, I knew I wanted to improve my smile. From my first phone call to Dr. Harre’s office, his team was calming and reassuring, My smile enhancements were done in several stages, and the only attention I attracted was admiration. With my brand new smile, I’ve quit running away from cameras! If you’re thinking about changing your smile…do it! Do it now, and do it here with Dr. Harre!”

– Sandra Ludes


Dentist in Warrenton 4“l suffered from missing teeth and from irregular spaces, and considering I regularly perform in public, I really wanted to improve my smile. I heard about Dr. Harre through word of mouth, and I knew he had a great reputation. Since my treatment from Dr. Harre and his team, I’m more comfortable in public and I have received so many compliments. I definitely recommend Dr. Harre if you want a brand new smile!”

– Les Collins




Dentist in Warrenton VA 7“I smile a lot, so having a great smile has always been important to me. Ever since I chipped a tooth in the fifth grade, I have wanted to improve my smile. I trusted Dr. Harre and knew he was up-to-date on all the latest techniques and the best technology. Ever since I improved my smile with Dr. Harre, I am more confident in my appearance. I was actually at a party recently when a dentist I didn’t know remarked that I had “gorgeous” teeth! If you’re thinking of changing your smile with Dr. Harre, my advice is to do it! I had a wonderful experience, and so will you!’,

– Anna Moser


Dentist in Warrenton 8“Last year I needed a cavity filled, and I was bit nervous about going to a new dentist. My old dentist no longer accepted my insurance, and I’d heard good things about Dr. Harre. From the moment I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Harre’s team put me of ease. Throughout my visit, everyone was very welcoming and friendly’ I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Harre. I’m no longer nervous when I have to go to the dentist!”

– Haylee Henderson



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